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With a legacy extending back to 1928, Eton continues to craft quality shirts for men while remaining one of the most trusted brands globally. With headquarters and original factory in Ganghester, Sweden, they have slowly evolved in their product offerings.

Initially they focused on Swedish craftsmanship and their shirts portrayed a significant attention to details. Today, they are one of the global leaders and Eton shirts can be found in 49 markets which also include a few world renown exclusive stores.

The Story

To ensure premium quality, their fabrics are made from scratch. These fabrics are long lasting and comfortable to wear in daily use. The story behind creation of this brand is the life story of the couple who founded it David and Annie Pettersson. During early years of marriage, Annie started sewing dresses for family and neighbours from her kitchen.

After the Depression of the 1920’s David had to close the family sawmill which led him to join the growing business of his wife. Together they launched the Syfabriken Special translating to “The Special Sewing Factory” in Swedish and placed their primary attention on creating shirts for men which soon became popular among the locals.

In 1948, their sons Rune and Arne Davidson started searching the world for new fabrics to make better quality shirts before finally arriving to England. While England has always been known for being the global leader in quality fabrics, the two brothers finally ended their search in Eton town. Release of “The Eton Shirt” was so successful that the company changed its name to Eton. Over the years, they tried new manufacturing tactics to improve their production quantity and quality.

In 1992, Eton released another revolutionary product through the world’s first crease resistant shirt made using 100 percent cotton. The retailer Harrods sold around 600 shirts in the first week and Eton soon became the best selling shirt at Harrods. In 2010, the company opened a flagship store in Manhattan through a two story venue which houses their full collection along with a showroom and VIP area. In 2016 the company went through a rebranding and launched a new collection for relaxed occasions through its “unbuttoned” offering.

Eton Specialties

I have personally brought their shirts at numerous occasions as they are durable while looking elegant too. They have different collections for business shirts, casual and evening shirts which are crafted in detail from collar to cuffs. These shirts are available in four different fits to ensure comfort for all body types. Their website also has a separate section for new arrivals and accessories such as ties, scarves etc.

Promotional Codes and Discount Offers

A large number of promotional codes and deals can be found for extra discounts while making purchase from the company’s official website at When I last checked, coupons were available at iFunbox and extrabux for discount of up to 40 percent on selected products from Eton Shirts. Other websites also offered promo codes for affordable shipping and discounts.

The website presently offers shipping across 6 countries which include, Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Their deliveries are made between 1 to 6 days after the purchase is made while the customers also have the facility of free returns for shirts they don’t like.

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