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The sense to smell is a major advantage to humans but very few people realize the benefits of it. Although I have used deodorants and room fresheners for decades, I only used to think of candles as an accessory for special occasions till a few years ago. One fortunate day I saw scented bath candles at the local Walmart store and since then I have rarely used the bathtub without one. However, the real change came a few months ago when a friend who knew my affinity towards scented candles gifted me a “Blackberry Absinthe Cameo Jar Candle” and advised me to use it before sleeping.

I generally read emails from work and read a physical book or through my Kindle before sleeping. The candle my friend gave me was bright enough that I didn’t feel the need use my bedside lamp. What surprised me even more was that it kept burning smoothly giving out the same amazing fragrance for weeks. Today, Illume is one of the brands that I can trust for innovative and affordable products. Operating from Minnesota, this company manufactures their products in the same building where the designers work to ensure brilliant craftsmanship.

This company has a large in-house team including calligraphers, painters, illustrators, designers, writers, sourcing geniuses, mixers, wick straighteners and chemists. With a unique strategy for product development based on ideas and inspirations, this company has a variety of product ranges. Customers can find nearly two dozen fragrances through products spread across various categories. When I last visited illumecandles.com, a few products were also available in the “Stationary” section along with a new section under “Matches” which didn’t have any products.

What’s different about Illume Candles

Personally, I find that the website is easily navigable through the menu which is neatly divided into collections, fragrances, products and a sale section. This menu also has a search bar along with other options. Customers who don’t want to register or sign in can directly save products to their wishlist and purchase them later. While the Candles & Diffusers subsection offers more than 100 products, people can also find nearly 50 products including creams, perfumes, handwashes, dish soaps etc. in the Bath & Beauty and House & Home subsections.

Illume Candles Coupons

The sale section of the website has a variety of products available at discounted rates with a large number of offerings at a flat discount of 50 percent. Since the products are already affordable, I have used this section many times when I want to try a new product or buy gifts. Customers can also subscribe to the latest updates and promotions while receiving special offers through email registration.


Illume Candles is a recommendable spot for unique and soothing fragrances available through a wide variety of trustable products. Marked with good craftsmanship, these products are a great choice for special occasions while their affordability makes them viable for daily use as well. Having a vast in-house team and well monitored manufacturing process, this company continues to deliver surprising products through their website. Customers can visit it today to get great discounts and soak up the summer fragrances.

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